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Doctor Oz is the most influential doctor in America.

We can do better.

Healthcare professionals know that bogus medical information presented by the mainstream media is harming patients.

Dr. Oz and other media doctors have an unprecedented platform to share important, accurate medical information to millions of people. However, they often uses this platform to promote unproven and sometimes dangerous medical therapies. Although Oz was "grilled" by Congress over his support of unproven medical treatments, he and others like him continue to mislead the public.

Doctors and other healthcare providers struggle daily to help patients who have been misled by quacks in the media.

As medical professionals, we are coming together to tell the public about the real harms we are witnessing.

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Doctors In Oz is collecting the many first-hand accounts of patients being misled by false medical information in the mainstream media. We are also sharing news about how doctors are fighting for more professional and ethical accountability.

Are you a doctor or other healthcare professional who has witnessed patients being misled by bogus medical information from the media? Tell us your experiences now by emailing


Your stories are being shared with organized medical groups, with the mainstream media who give a platform to quacks, and with the public.

In just a short time, your stories have lead to real policy reform and drawn unprecedented attention to this issue.


Where can I find more information about the false medical information Dr. Oz has promoted?

The following are articles from reputable sources. We had no involvement in these articles, and we don't personally endorse every statement or claim made in them.

I'm a patient (or family member). Can I tell my story?

Absolutely! While we are specifically encouraging doctors and medical professionals to participate, anyone with first-hand experience can get involved.

Are you picking on Dr. Oz? Aren't there many other sources of misleading health information?

Dr. Oz is certainly not the only doctor to use the media to present bad information, and we care about the many sources of mis-information. However, his television show reaches millions of loyal viewers daily. Through Dr. Oz's hard work, his show is now an unprecedented platform for the immediate dissemination of medical information to the average American. Improving this platform is an important public health concern. Hopefully, this conversation will improve other sources of medical information in the media as well.

Aren't there bigger issues facing our healthcare system than a TV doctor?

There are many financial, political, and scientific issues challenging American healthcare. But we say that trust is the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship for good reason. Doctors can't help patients if patients won't trust us to provide balanced, evidence-based information. When a doctor uses the mainstream media to consistently promote unproven or misleading medical claims, the public's trust in doctors will inevitably erode.

Are you trying to stifle free speech?

We are not asking for Dr. Oz to be taken off the air or for him to be banned from promoting what he believes in. However, free speech works because various people can publicly disagree and start a conversation. Furthermore, we believe doctors have a responsibility to use their right to free speech prudently. The public trusts doctors to present information more carefully than the average TV personality.


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